Press Release: Candy Lab Inc. attends “Tech Day LA” at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Calif., September 22, 2016—As Candy Lab nears the end of a great week at Tech Day LA, the best has truly been saved for last. Tech Day LA comes to a close with their exhibit held at The Reef in Los Angeles, September 22. Candy Lab is proud to be a part of the strong, Southern California “start-up” ecosystem. Candy Lab’s 9-axis sensor fusion engine and proprietary mobile marketing platform, CandyBAR® (Blended-Augmented-Reality) proves to be a game-changer in the emerging mobile augmented reality space.

Candy Lab, the leader in location-aware augmented reality content management and delivery currently offers the only “white-label” marketing app platform that utilizes GPS, Beacon, and Augmented Reality to deliver content when and where it matters.  Complete with a management system and specifically designed for rapid onboarding and deployment, the CandyBAR® platform connects marketers and users with virtual promotions, advertisements, rewards, or any relevant content with its hyper-aware, augmented reality location technologies.

“Candy Lab is so well positioned to bring AR to the masses because at the foundation, we are core tech…we’ve built and own our 9 axis sensor fusion engine that enables anyone who wants to get their hands on this tech to do so!“ Proclaims CEO and co-founder Andrew Couch. “Further, we’ve also wrapped a white-label app publishing platform (CandyBAR®)  around our engine and we know it offers the path of least resistance for marketers to engage and communicate with their target audience through an exciting, non-intrusive mobile layer,” he said.  “Our platform was purposefully designed for ease of use with all parties in mind!  The marketers, consumers, or even mom and pop shops that want to leverage our technology…If you can check out on Amazon, you can manage your own private-label CandyBAR® powered campaign.”

Brands, Marketers, and Savvy Investors—join Candy Lab and a host of exciting other start-ups at Tech Day LA on September 22nd, 2016 at The Reef, Los Angeles. We’ll be on location, ready to augment your reality!

For more information, please visit or contact Andrew Kirkland at | 619.709.7727